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Competition Database

    Important Notes and Rules

    General Rules

  • Everyone participating in the competition has accepted the Competition Regulations and Disciplinary Regulations in advance.
  • The data and links on this site, by the decision of the TKKKF board of directors; without showing the source, changing the content, without giving a link to the site, it cannot be published anywhere.
  • You can change the information of the bird you have registered until the end of the recording time. However, no change is possible after that.
  • Make sure you have your 'Conveyor Notification Form' ready while coming to the competition hall.

    TKKKF Statement

  • Turkey Canary and Cage Birds Federation and/or the organization organizing the competition cannot be held responsible for any bird that dies, becomes ill, injured or lost for any reason in the competition hall.
  • Competitors participating in the competition cannot take their birds back from the competition stands before the time determined by TKKKF or the organization organizing the competition. The necessary penal provisions are specified in the Disciplinary Regulations.
  • Competitors cannot comment on the scoring process of the referees during the competition, in case of detection, the necessary penalty provisions are specified in the Disciplinary Regulations..
  • Objections to the results of the competition must be made by the competitor's association to the TKKKF Referee Committee in writing on the day of the competition.
  • The objection is evaluated by the Referee Committee on the same day. If a rank has been earned, it can only be changed due to disqualification. Necessary provisions are specified in the Competition and Disciplinary Rules.
  • For all your questions and problems regarding the registration system, please send an e-mail to Mr. Isa (jesus@tkkkf.com)

    Don't forget

  • During bird registration, be sure to enter the phone number of your association member. It is important in terms of reaching the member in case of any disruption. Confidentiality of information can also be selected.
  • Before starting the form entry, be sure to review the 'How To' section. .
  • If there has been a change in the bird rings, you can make a correction before you receive your conveyor list in the competition hall.
  • If you need to change your association password in an emergency, you can apply to TKKKF.

    Before Entering Form

  • Warn the participants to choose according to the list of categories.
  • Please review the category list beforehand. You can avoid wrong category selections.
  • Make sure that you have complete information about the participant and their birds.

    When Entering Form

  • Knowing the participant's member number in advance will enable you to enter quickly.
  • Check that the participant's phone and e-mail addresses are correct and complete.
  • If the participant does not want their information such as telephone and e-mail to be published, it will not be displayed in any list. However, this information may be required for TKKKF communication.
  • The registered bird list (from the association management menu) can be sent to the participant's e-mail address. Proforma Conveyor List can be sent to the e-mail address of the association. Note the distinction.
  • As the team birds enter; Birds A, B, C, D, respectively enter as.
  • During bird registration, when you enter the member code and ring number and year; The 'add' button will be active.

    After Completing the Forms

  • After completing your bird registrations, check the bird lists and correct any errors.

    About Ring Codes

  • Ring codes are arranged as 1234.1234.1234.1234.12
  • Formatted as; Country code . association code. member code. bird number. year
  • TKKKF Antalya Association, member 45, number 208, birth 2018, for the bird; It should be TKKKF.0007.0045.0208.18

    What is it?

  • TKKKF: Türkiye Kanarya ve Kafes Kuşları Federasyonu
  • COM: Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale
  • Competition Form: For every competition, every association, every member; valid competition 'participant information and recorded birds' information.
  • Association Password: It is the password given to registered associations to register their competition form and member birds to the database. Assigned by TKKKF and can be replaced by TKKKF .
  • End of Registration: This is when bird registration ends. Recordings are automatically closed at the given time. (at 23:58:00 of the last day)
  • Proforma Conveyor List: This is the list of participants and their birds received after registration is complete. (does not include cage number)
  • Conveyor List: On the day the birds will be caged, given to the association conveyors; A list of cage numbers for birds.
  • Bird Fee : The fee to be paid for each bird participating in the competition. (amount is at the discretion of TKKKF)
  • Catalog Fee: It is the cost of the catalog to be printed after the competition for each participant participating in the competition. (the amount and the decision to print are at the discretion of TKKKF)
  • Table It is the sales table request processed from the 'Table Request' step after bird registration. The table list can be followed at the door entrance on the day of the exhibition.
  • Status Codes : It is the status statement determined by the referee in the birds evaluated in the competition. Its list is available at http://www.tkkkf-yarismalar.com.
  • Live Scoring Screen : (It is closed due to the decision of the TKKKF board of directors) During the processing and control of the competition scorecards into the database; It is a page that contains instant and instant information.
  • Form Timeout : The timeout of the competition form entry screen is 180 seconds. If you do not move (mouse/keyboard) for a long time while entering the form, the site will open the login menu.
  • Last Check: Transactions from the processing of the scorecards to the database and the publication of the results.

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